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The Most Successful Brass Components Manufacturer & Exporter, Serving What You Really Want!

An Introduction

Brass is a golden yellowish, copper and zinc made alloys, which owing to its several properties has replaced many iron & steel made products in industries. Due to its low melting point (900 to 940 C), it is easy to cast material with high level of strength and corrosion resistance. Mr. Ramesh, who is now a renowned entrepreneur, years ago studied about properties of this alloy and benefits it offers over copper, zinc, iron, steel and many other material. After well knowing about its several properties and believing future forecast of the industry, he started his company with the name J U H Brass Components. Today, the company enjoys heavy healthy turnover and incredible success rates as Brass Components that it offers are unmatched in terms of quality. Precision engineering, accuracy of design & shaped and anti-corrosive nature of our Brass Inserts, Brass Knurling Inserts, Brass Door Handles, Brass Bolts, Brass Nipple, Brass Sanitary Parts and many other products have made us number one manufacturer of the market. Further, as we offer brass items in a number of sizes, shapes, designs and grades, we offer wide options to customers and get heavy orders of these.

Our Journey Till The Date

When we started our business, brass products were not in that high demand as they are today. It was tough for us to make people understand benefits of this alloy over other materials. The markets of bathroom fittings and fasteners in those days were being majorly hold by the companies that were offerings products made up of steel, zinc and iron. We never lost confidence about chosen product, worked hard day & night, did many experiments with products designs their manufacturing techniques, marketing, etc. and emerged as a leader in the market. The past 15 years spent in the brass components & parts market were full of experience, we became part of many newspapers & industry magazines due to launch of several commendable products and getting whooping revenues. We are completely satisfied with the growth we have achieved in this business market as there are numerous customers for whom our brass components dealing company has become a favorite.

Reasons Behind Our Success
  • World-class Brass Products- As we deal in global market, we understand the quality expectations, hence make each piece which well stands upto the desires & industry specified standards.
  • Modern Manufacturing Facilities- We have many automatic manufacturing machines in our premise that aids in making accurate brass parts & components.
  • Diligent People- Our diligent people with their hard work never let us down, they well suffice market demands for offered brass items.
  • Promise of Prompt Delivery- No matter from how far or near location we get orders, we always deliver them within the promised time-frame.